Sleepovers: in home care for your dog

In a perfect world

- according to your pup -

You would never leave home or sleep anywhere else. While kennels and boarding facilities offer cages, hosed-down cement floors and a cell full of barking, anxious dogs (with kennel cough), our in-home sleepover service provides the comfort your dog needs while you are away. Let your vacation or work trip turn into a stay-cation for your pets.

We will walk your dog and provide all the comforts of home. The best thing about our sleepover service is that your dog will keep her regular eating, walk and play schedule, and be in a familiar environment. We will also bring in your mail, water the plants, wash the dishes, tidy the place, and keep an eye on your home while you are away.

The rate is $65 per night ($75 for 2 dogs, add $5 per night if you have any cats), which includes 2 walks, meals, snuggles and play time. (Belly rubs are free!). Additional mid-day walks are available at the regular per-walk rates.