The Birth of a Nation!

Launching a new website is a lot like giving birth - without the epidural. For (what feels like) months, you carry unformed ideas around, read all the books you're supposed to, and make very important decisions - wordpress or drupal? instead of sleeping. No matter what you do to try and live a normal life (take meals with friends, shower) there are always code-related questions in the back of your mind. You start listening exclusively to Boards of Canada. And then, one fine day, you LAUNCH! Well, kind of.

Dog Walker Dispatch

Catch videos shot by our walkers "in the field" - new videos every week. Do we walk your dog or care or your cat? Look for your furry pet in our video archive. She belongs to the world, now..

4 things to ask your walker

Due diligence, folks! Don't hire that eager, smiling "animal lover" until you have met him in person and ascertained the following:
Do you have insurance, and are you bonded? While there is no state-issued license for dog walking, there is a range of insurance policies that can cover anything from lost keys to a pet's vet bills. A dog walker who has gone to the expense of procuring insurance shows good faith and seriousness, and is likely not just a "fair weather walker...

Hello and welcome.

Hello Friends,

Welcome to McCarrenBark!

We are working on making the site as informative and easy to use as possible.
By which I mean it is a work in progress.
Please bear with us as we iron out all the wrinkles...and if you want to contribute to a wonderfully wrinkle-free internet, you should email with any bugs, spelling & grammar errors, or display inconsistencies. Please include browser & OS information for optimal troubleshooting.

Thanks. And again, welcome.

-Here we are-

you’ve found us!

Our Blog.

This is where we will post articles and scenes “from the front” of the Dog-Walking World...of Brooklyn. Videos, photos, contests and useful community gossip of interest to the dog and cat owners of Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick.

You know who you are!