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Dog Walks

We walk our dogs alone, or with 1-2 walking buddies. $20 (20min walks)  $25 (30min walks)  $35 (60min walks)

At the end of each walk, we will wipe your dog’s paws, give a treat or meal according to your instruction, dry off with a towel or cool down with some water.  Our walkers are trained to walk the dogs with a backup safety collar in addition to your collar/harness, and they are certified by the American Red Cross in Pet First Aid.

Prices do not include 8.875% sales tax, as well as the following fees:

  • $7 walks before 10AM and after 6PM
  • $7 weekend walks
  • $5 solo walk fee (if your dog needs to be walked alone)
  • $7 multiple-dog households (2-3 dogs in the family)
  • $7 same-day booking or cancelation fee (let us know of a walk needed or cancelled by midnight the night before)
  • $12 holiday fee (Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day) 
  • $15 holiday fee (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Jan 1)