Quote from DaVinci: The Smallest Feline is a MasterpieceKitty visits for all2 Cats for the price of 1

Kitty Visits

Where would we be without our cats?

Kitty visits are half-hour purr sessions. We pet, brush, play with and feed your little king or queen. We also clean the litter box and make sure your home is tidy. We will water plants, administer meds, and bring in the mail by request.

$25 per 30-minute visit (1-5 cats) or $35 per 60-minute visit (1-5 cats)
$12 holidays (July 4, Memorial Day, Labor Day)
$15 Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day
$7 weekend visits (sat or sun), or any visits before 10AM and after 6PM
$7 medication, per visit (syringes, injections, eye and ear treatments)