I grew up on a rural farm in Ohio with a dog (doggy was my first word!) named Lucas and loads of cats. Since then, my love for dogs and cats has only increased with each loving (and sometimes a little crazy) pet.

We had a Boston Terrier named Spot with a cute little nose that snorted when he walked into a room. We had a Jack Russell Terrier that chased his tail and incessantly chewed on his leg. I LOVED my cat Geronimo, that always had to walk in front, even if that meant tripping someone in the process. Honey is a Golden Retriever/Lab mix that eats EVERYTHING. And then there is Heidi, another Jack Russell Terrier, that is so mean to strangers but once she knows anyone, she loves them. I made ends meet in school by dogsitting a Poodle/Lab mix named Cody. He didn’t like me at first but he came around and he ended up being very protective of me.

Since moving to Brooklyn two years ago, I haven’t been able to own any pets because of roommates so I’m absolutely thrilled to be around and take care of animals again.

Neighborhood: Greenpoint & Willliamsburg


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