Pack 'n Play


Dogs are social animals

If they could, they would live in packs and roam the wild streets of Brooklyn (not just in Red Hook). A dog needs to run, play and romp with his fellows. If you would like your pup to be walked with other dogs, let us know. We will arrange socialization walks with compatible pups along our route.

In addition, we offer our Pack ‘N Playdates on mornings and weekends: 1-2 hours of running free with the pack, in a park off leash or at a local dog run. We will pick your dog up, get her socializin’, and return her to you, happy and tired.

Pickup is between 7-8 am, and drop off is around 10 am for Morning Playdates. Weekend Playdate times vary and are flexible according to what our clients request. Rate for all Pack ‘N Playdates is $30 for one dog, $40 for two. Dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations, have appropriate tags, and have good recall when off-leash.