What's the

best part

about living with

cats & dogs?

Witnessing their antics!

While you are slaving away at work, we will take pictures and videos of your Best Friend so that you don't miss a thing. Here is the current feed of our videos, taken by us while "on the job". We post here regularly - check back often for your pet's three minutes of fame!

Being away from your dog or cat is hard enough. You can rest easy with McCarren Bark, because we communicate with you - every day, every visit. We don't just tell you your pet is doing fine...

we show you!

Bothering Crackle

Submitted by Matt
tolerated, then denied

Bernie & Bueller: Holiday 2011

Submitted by Matt
Bernie and Bueller, two of the most adorable and fun little guys you'll meet. Happy Holidays, boys!